Tinnies & Toasties

Tinnies & Toasties

Persa is back, baby!

From Wednesday through to Sunday each week, grab a table or set your sights on the beer garden as we bring you TINNIES + TOASTIES.

We’ll be slinging pimped out toasties along with cheap tinnies to wash them down.

The menu will be changing on the reg so no danger of getting bored here, think epic combos like the Halal Snack Pack toasty with boat rocker braised 18-hour lamb, Mums Spaghetti & Meatball Melt with wagyu meatballs and even a Boozy Lasagne toasty, yep lasagne in bread with sauce, kewpie mayo, basil, and more cheese.

+ selection of Melbourne’s favourite pie creations thanks to Wonder Pies!

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